The end…

2 Haz

GörselThis is my last text about the course so I want to talk about from beginnig to end..

I remember our first lesson we hadn’t got any idea about course…I was very very worried about the lesson.I didn’t know how to use computer effectively and using  education…I wrote my first blog 2 hours…

We learned a lof of thoughts such as  web site,mobile applications,weebly,audiboo,digital storytelling and   How to use  them.. Every person needs them and I am thinking that luckily I learned all about it from Mr Akayoğlu…

Nearly every day I asked some questions to him,I want to something from him.

Always,he helped me and answered my questions and he love teaching new ideas. I think He is  very helpful person THANKS FOR ALL…





29 May

GörselLast year we learned  how to create web site,but this year I realize that it is very easy  with weebly.At the first sight it seems like very complex  then I can add pictures,texts and what I want and all of them free.

Teacher can use weebly their lesson students will love this way.You can change your website or webpage whenever you want.It is very good luck for both sutudents and teachers 🙂

Digital storytelling

22 May

GörselThis week we learned about digital storytelling and story jumper…we will create twto tasks about them.I created with movie maker but I havent finished story jumper…techers can use easily in their class.Students love learnig in a differet way. We can share our life and it will amazing,students love it…We can add text,picture,and our videos whatever we want…I want to learn this program and using successfully…Firstly we can open movie maker or storyjumper and then create our presentation about our lesson topic finally we are ready for nice lesson :)




21 May


Audiboo is a postcast site.It is very popular.Every person can use it easily,you have  page and create your voice, share your podcast.It is amazing idea for English language clases.Teachers can use it easily,and also it is free.when teachers use it students dont need to attend class it is very big chance to students :)It helps students listening skills…



27 Nis

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Our 9th week topic was the Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) (synchronous and asynchronous)message boards,forums,google talk,skype,facebook,twitter…

Thousands of people use social network in the world,especially adolescent and adults spend their time in there so we  must use them for education. It will be interesting and powerful idea. For example,Teachers create a group of class and he/she can gives task,informaion etc.When people use twitter they can follow another person.They cand find a lot of knowledge about education.They can share their idea and videos what they want.It is very easy and funny.I am sure students love this way learning than sitting and listening to teacher.It will be creative and effective learning/teaching style.

Best Wishes

Demet Karapinar 

27 Nis


Our 8th topic was the Online conferencce tools (WIZIQ,ELLIMUNETE,ALADO)

WIZIQ is an online learning website. When you use WIZIQ you don’t need go to school because you can get information from this website.

You can create your account and you can use it. All of them free. When you come the class maybe you don’t feel ready listen to lesson, you use WIZIQ you can watch the videos all you want. It is very big chance for students. Maybe you are a shy student and you don’t want to speak in lesson, you can use WIZIQ and you can say what you want. It is very fantastic both students and teachers:) and also it is very popular…

Best Wishes

Demet Karapinar 


13 Nis

images (11)Our 7th week topic was the creating an online classroom such as Nicenet,Dokeos…

Firstly, We talked about  e-learning. You can use both of them easily. Only you must have a internet connection. We will a teacher and we must find a lot of ways of teaching . Using Dokeos you can add your students, you can share notes ,you can create quiz for them,how you want such as multiple choices,open answer,match etc… Your students can social interaction each others.  You can open chat page and then they begin talk about their subject. 

Lastly,We learned Nice net but I don’t like it. It is very simple. Technology is developing day by day.. We  must follow it .Only you can add text, you can’t add videos or documents… It is a big problem both teachers and learners…

If you want to using e-learning ,you can use campus dokeos easily. All of them free .Don’t forget about it ! 🙂